There is a campaign going on by the teacher union in this state to support only businesses that are anti taxpayer or in their words pro union.

I was looking at their website today and reading the comments on the WEAC boycott.  The people running it were asked “how do you know if a business is pro taxpayer or anti union” and the reply was “We rely on our volunteers who have talked directly with owners or business owners themselves who have contacted us to populate our list.

So they have no idea if the information is true or not they just ASSUME that what they are being told is accurate. So here is your chance people, do you have a business you are mad at, looks like WEAC has provided you a way to get even with them, they will post it on their website for you and don’t worry they are not going to verify the accuracy.

Remember folks, as you try to financially hurt the businesses that don’t support you, that will leave less taxes coming in to pay your salaries. Wisconsin businesses pay some high taxes. To get business to come here and STAY here, boycotting them is a rotten way to encourage them to stay in business and bring new business here. Your economic teachers must not be doing a very good job. I guess it is more important to save the Union bosses salaries than the businesses that keep your community running.


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