Are Unions Hypocrites?

One really has to wonder. Currently the unions are exercising their rights to boycott businesses in this state. They have decided that it is important to hurt the working class further by avoiding these decent companies who hire you and I to work, the very ones who pay the taxes that fund their salaries and funds the very schools they are trying to defend. Again that is their choice, if they want to hurt revenue which means less money for them, that is again their choice.

So where does the hypocrite part of this discussion come in, RETIREMENT! A number of the companies on their boycott list are also the ones they have invested in to help fund their retirement. The question that needs to be asked of these unions than is a simple one, since you are encouraging a boycott of these companies will you also withdraw them from your investment accounts? That should be a simple answer by ALL of them, ” OF COURSE WE WILL”,  but does anyone really expect them to do what they are encouraging everyone else to do, of course not.

Now since we all know that they will not diverse their retirement account because they know the people on their list is one of the reason their retirement is such a sweet deal, what about simple things they could do.

Look at some of the groups and stores they are boycotting,WI Dental PAC (WIDPAC), will they stop going to the dentist? Deere & Company PAC – WI, will the sell their tractors and other John Deer equipment? Briggs & Stratton, will they stop using all of their equipment with a great Briggs & Stratton engine? Wausau Homes, Koss Corp. and the list goes on and on.

So the question is, will union rank and file actually do what is being asked of them or are they all hypocrites and will only do what is convenient for them.


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