The Middle Class

We hear over and over again how this is an attack on the middle class? Two questions I need to ask, do the 300,000 public sector workers believe they are the whole  middle class and what about the 2,000,000 or so private sectors workers, who decided that the 300,000 speak for them or are they not to be considered middle class?

What prompted these questions is a new commercial that is being run where we see union protesters standing in the snow telling us how horrible this all is for them as they now have to pay out-of-pocket for their health care and retirement and how this is going to cause so much harm to their families.

I just have a real hard time being sympathetic to them when this is what I have been doing for years and on a much larger scale then they are being asked to do. Putting out a commercial like that is just insulting to the “other middle class” in this state.


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