Another Free Ride

Again the liberal media in this country haa given a free ride to one of their own. Remember who they all got worked up into a lather about a posting on as certain persons blog, they could not report on it enough and used it to blame all of the problems going on in America at that time.

Well this past week another unhinged Democrat made a violent threat against another member and it was ignored by the media.

Immediately following the Assembly Republicans’ vote to save Wisconsin from bankruptcy last Friday, Democratic State Rep. Gordon Hintz turned to Republican State Rep. Michelle Litjens and said, “You are F***king dead!”

Have you heard anything about this? Of course not, because it was a Democrat, if this had been reversed there would have been hours of news reports, special programming and immediate calls for resignation.

Democrats have been complain for months about the so-called lack of civility in this country and yet the last two weeks they have become the poster children for bad taste, hateful rhetoric and uncontrolled hooliganism.


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