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I really have stayed away as much as possible from the whole state issue for two reasons, too many family members and friends who have a very personal attachment to the issue and I am a conservative.

The last thing I would want to do is anger someone and cause a riff or division within the family or among my friends, this is an issue that seems to have no middle ground. it is you are either on the side if the anti bill people or you are evil and a hater.

However being me I do have an opinion, how I view the people fighting the bill. First you have the state Democrats you group yelling SHAME SHAME when the legislature passed the bill and 14 senators who have left the state and refuse to return so no vote can be taken. Why do we have such extremist actions by these elected officials, they will try to say they are standing up for the working class, that they are protecting workers rights, but let’s be real here Democrats, the reason you are doing this is protecting yourself. The unions in this state are major political powers and you know that you depend on their PAC money for your election campaigns. They are major sources of your funding and you are desperate to keep that cash cow alive, your #1 reason for your actions in all of this is your pocketbook, plain and simple.

As for WEAC again they try to portray it as being dangerous to education, not really sure how that is, if they have to pay their fair share of the cost  does that mean they are going to teach less, or are they going to care less about their students? Not really sure how paying their own way will affect the kids. What is it really about for WEAC,  it is really about POWER!  The POWER to control, their POWER to affect, their POWER to dictate their ideals. Unions are about people, about workers rights, they were not founded to be PAC groups of one party.

Democrats live for entitlements, they know no other lifestyle, but the people who pay for those entitlements are stretched to the limit, they too have responsibility that they must meet, they cannot be looked upon as an open wallet that has an endless money supply. To think we can keep funding entitlement after entitlement is just not reality, at some point a limit is reached. Local, county and state programs, what works, what doesn’t.  Look for the fraud, look for the abuse, look for programs that just do not work. It is time we accept that not every entitlement works or has merit.

While in the past we have had governors who rubber stamped everything because they know the bill would not come due under their watch, well now they are due, the state is in dire financial duress and things need to change. As Wisconsinites we all must be willing to make sacrifices.

This is not about lack of respect for the state workers and people indirectly affected by the changes, this is about what is in the best interest of all taxpayers in this state.


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