Double Standard

Recently America had a tragic event take place in Arizona, almost immediately the liberal media and liberals around the country started pointing fingers at conservatives, The Tea Party and one person in general Sarah Palin for a post she had on her website. They ranted and raved about the violent rhetoric of these people. Well now the shoe is on the other foot will the media make an issue of it or will it be ignored because of who the message is about and who is behind the message.

There is a protest planned at a developers homes, and what is this developer doing that has these people so upset, he is planing a Walmart. But of course the political group SEIU is upset by this and are behind the planned protest.

So what is wong with all of this…….take a look at the flyer they are putting out, notice anything on their flyer that the left was all worked up about on Sarah Palins webpage. Will the media call them out?


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  1. “This is not about lack of respect for the state workers”

    This from the same person who called state workers, “lazy union deadbeats” and ” it is so good to know lazy union workers will soon be laid off, then they will have plenty of time to march and rant and rave and act like a bunch or escaped mental patients.”

    Oh, and did I mention the time you wrote, “I am really going to enjoy seeing the first round of layoffs of union workers.”

    Yeah, clearly you have a lot of respect for state workers.

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