They Keep Entertaining

There is a blog that I enjoy reading everyday run by a group of well intention progressives. It slants way to the left, so much I need to prop up my laptop on the left side to balance it sometimes.

Today they continue their assault on  former Governor Jim Doyle’s decision not to pursue high-speed rail, or as one person has called it, car speed rail, in the state of Wisconsin. Now of course he knew that Gov, Walker was NOT going to accept the money for this horrible idea. It was a great political move to pass the decision down to him, Mr. Doyle in his heart must have known it was a bad idea and that was his way to avoid being blamed for this white elephant.

Mr. Doyle also knew by doing this it would become political fodder for the far left anti business progressives in this state, and by golly it has, at least to a small group of malcontents in Milwaukee who go by the name Milwaukee Jobs Now!

They have posted several staged ‘first person’ testimonials on their website with people pretending to be angry about the loss of all of  these good paying jobs that would have come with the car speed rail, I just love that phrase

If you listen to these union agitators and professional malcontents you get the feeling that the state is just about to close. They are upset that 13,000 high paying union jobs are being lost. I have heard this over and over again from the rail proponents but don’t bother asking them what the 13,000 jobs really were because they will never answer. They are using the same phony talking points that were put out by unions and the state DNC. Facts is something that progressives never let get in their way,


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  1. Another idiotic post filled with generalities. I’m surprised Zach hasn’t banned you from his blog yet.

    Republicans are solely responsible for my underemployment, even though I have a college degree. They owe me the answer why I can’t work full time, despite my qualifications.

  2. You can’t work full time? And you say its Republicans fault? I suppose it has nothing to do with your degree? Has nothing to do with your chosen field? Has nothing to do with that charming personality? Nope in true liberal form it is someone elses fault for your failures. Thanks for once again making my point.

  3. Jim, you forget….notalib thinks everyone should just be happy to work at McDonald’s or some other minimum wage, no benefits job. How dare people demand jobs that pay them a family-sustaining wage!

  4. WOW Zach thanks for clearing that up for me I was not aware that is what I believe. But thank God for places like a Qwiki Mart or McDonalds who are willing to take a chance on a WEAC indoctrinated student who after 12 years in the Wisconsin school system can now read at a 6th grade level. But yeah I understand that intellectuals like you and Jim, that people working at such places are looked down upon by you.

  5. No, I don’t look down on people who work at McDonald’s or Qwik Trip or at any other minimum wage job; in fact I worked a minimum wage job flipping eggs in order to pay my way through college. I’m just pointing out that we also need jobs that pay a living wage if we’re really going to put a dent in poverty.

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