A New Beginning

It’s been an interesting couple of days. Wisconsin has returned to its Red State roots.

Yesterday Scott Walker was sworn in as Governor of the state. Of course, this was bad news for many progressives. We saw a coupe of hundred enticed by a free lunch and bus ride to Madison show up to protest the day. While most of Wisconsin was looking forward and hoping Governor Walker will return Wisconsin as a leader state in this great nation, these few malcontents, mostly union organizers and the few they could coax off the couch showed once again why progressive values destroyed this once great state.

Then we look at the incoming freshman to Washington DC, it is the smallest Congressional freshman class for a party since 1915. It was clear in November that after 6 years of Reid and Pelosi and two years of President Obama that the progressive ideas and agenda they so wanted to bring to America were rejected by the American people.

Of the 96 incoming freshman only NINE are Democrats, a stunning 87 new Conservative members, of which 10 identify themselves as Tea Party members are going to attempt to restore America from all of the damage the Democratic held House has done. Even on the Senate side 12 of the 13 incoming are Conservatives.

For too long we have had Representatives in DC that do not listen to what the voters are saying and at no time was that not clearer but when 60% of the American people were against the Obama plan to take over health care and the Democrats in Washington turned its back on America and went ahead with a plan that is not in the best interest of the American people.

The revolution of Americans reclaiming their country started in 2010, the people elected then and those who are fixtures in DC, hopefully understand that they represent ALL of America not just special interest groups, big business and labor unions.

Do I expect sweeping changes in the next few years not really because there are still too many old boy Republicans hanging onto power. But hopefully they too will pay attention as to what we are saying and what is expected of them or in the next election cycle many of them will once again be looking for work in the real world.


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