Tough Times

It has not been easy for President Obama lately. Earlier this month the American people spoke loud and clear that they are not happy with the direction he has taken this country in his time in office. The number of democratic losses was historical on Nov 2.

Mr. Obama then headed out for the G-20 summit, being back on the world stage is where he always feels most comfortable, the worship he would receive from the world press would help bring some shine to his presidency that had become so tarnished here in the states. He went over with high hopes of establishing himself as a world leader expecting to get a historic trade agreement signed with South Korea.

But the week did not go as planned at all. Obama wasn’t able to secure even a symbolic victory on this trip,  which was expected to give him plenty of opportunities to claim a win.

Want to know how bad it was?

“I think that kind of question should be asked to me when President Obama is not standing right next to me.” – Korean President Lee Myung-bak, reacting to the question, “Do you have any concerns about that U.S. policy might lead to a flood of ‘hot’ money coming into the Korean economy?”

But the press who he so depends on even made it uncomfortable for him.

The closing exchange at President Obama’s press conference today in Seoul:

THE PRESIDENT: “I feel obliged to take maybe one question from the Korean press — since you guys have been such excellent hosts.”  Long pause as he waits for someone to raise their hand

THE PRESIDENT: “Anybody?” More pause

Finally a hand goes up!

THE PRESIDENT: “This gentleman right here — he’s got his hand up. He’s the only one who took me up on it. Go ahead. And I’ll probably need a translation, though, if you’re asking the question in Korean. In fact, I definitely will need a translation. (Laughter.)

REPORTER: Unfortunately, I hate to disappoint you, President Obama, I’m actually Chinese. (Laughter.)

The president I am sure is eager to get home.


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