What Now

What now? That is the question of the morning. Election 2010 is now one for the books, the number of losses by Democrats in this race was historical. A number of new faces are now going to Washington and Madison.

Someone pointed out to me on Tuesday that a number of state papers had endorsed Russ Feingold and really felt that meant something. It’s clear today that while the papers may have endorsed Russ, it was the people of Wisconsin who had grown tired of his “ideas” and knew that a change was needed.

It may be too late for Scott Walker to stop the waste of the Madison to Milwaukee trains thanks to some back door politics last Sunday but there is a lot of other work still needed to be done.

Now is the time for the President to step away from a radical agenda that the majority of this country has turned its back on, step up and actually be a president for all, do not look upon half of the country as his enemies, we are ALL Americans.

The people elected NOW must do what they have been voted for, make change, stop the out of control spending and return America to the people, it does not belong to special interest groups.

What now is America can move forward if the Democrats want to work with conservatives or the Democrats get set up America for two years of gridlock until President Obama s replaced in 2012.


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