The Face Of Evil

Sachin Chheda, what a hateful person.

With that said what we saw in a video posted earlier this week was  a typical democrat who uses his hate for people different from him and intimidation in attempt to make a point.

Here was a guy just trying to do his job and this pinhead starts ripping on him.

What a total arrogant creep, this is exactly why people are tired of democrats across the country and why they are being voted out, and are  being asked to go sit in the back of the bus while Americans attempt to recover America for the evil idealism of progressivism.

America is tired of your divisive attitude and your failed policies, when the LAMESTREAM media talks about extremist, instead of looking at regular Americans who support the Tea Party,  all they really need to do is look at any member of the democratic party, they will see people out of touch with extreme ideas and who are wrong for America.


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  1. The “face of evil?” Yeah, that’s not at all over the top.

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