Simple Answer ….. More Taxes

The other night Ron Johnson debated the career politician and the discussion was Social Security, and to no ones surprise the solution by Mr Johnson’s democratic opponent was a pretty simple and time-tested solution to the issue of Social Security solvency, MORE TAXES.

Russ of course would want higher taxes, that is the way a progressive thinks. They feel they own your paycheck and just continue to steal the money you earn. They have no respect for you as a person, who actually works to support all of the entitlement programs they continue to fund for their voting base. Russ has failed to represent the people in this state in an honest and conservative way, his tax and spend agenda has cost us thousands of jobs to be loss and families to suffer while he just sits in DC  with the likes of Peolsi and Reid finding ways to tax us even more.

Its time to put an end to career politicians like Russ.


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