They Better

Someone said to me the other day, what does it matter if Republicans get elected, they did nothing last time they were in charged. He said look at this NPR issue now they want to defund it, why did they not do it when they were in charge. They keep talking privatizing social security, but they did nothing last time, border they did nothing, taxes they did nothing, and on and on.

EXACTLY! That is why the Tea Party has sprung up, America is tired of a two-party system that works as one party.

If the Republicans don’t do what the people want done, then they get voted out and we’ll go thru this exercise every two years until someone or some party runs on a platform that has some teeth and can actually get things done. I believe there are too many people who think the Federal Government is the be all, end all. The Federal government needs to step back and let the states take care of business


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