They Still Don’t Get It

There are a number of old Republicans who have no understanding of what the Tea Party is all about. For me it is simple, taxes, never-ending taxes. Why are there never-ending taxes, politicians. These people get elected to represent the people and I honestly believe they all go there with these very intentions, but eventually they stay too long and they forget that we are people not just paychecks that they can steal money from.

Which brings me back to the old Republicans. People like Karl Rove who said,

“when you take a look at the grassroots movement it is “not sophisticated.”
That is what America needs Mr. Rove, new faces, new blood, new ideas. The way of the Republicans has shown us to the road of failure and you need to understand that the new faces of the Conservative movement are moving past people like you, you are not what we need nor want in our new look America.
Or like old party members like Newt Gingrich who said,
“the militant wing of the Republican Party”
Again one of the old faces who does not understand that the Tea Party is NOT a wing of the Republican party, if anything if the Republicans want to survive they best look how to become a wing of the Tea Party movement. We do not want you in power to just keep the same Washington DC in charge. Do you really think we believe if the old Republicans are put back in power that things will change, of course not, you are not the solution to Americas problem, the so-called slightly less the sophisticated Americans who are tired of the Roves and Gingrich’s.
America is heading for a change, you old Republicans either get into line or get out of our way, but you do not represent me.

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  1. “OMG I agree with you and I am a progressive through and through. Too much money for too little service. My taxes just suck. and what do I get. Not a lot. Kids went through school, I get that now somebody Else’s kids need an education. BUT WTF why do we have a full time bicameral legislature in WI to do what? i am paying for a big fat nothing. We should have a part-time unicameral legislature in Wisconsin and refund half the savings to the taxpayers and put the other half into the schools and bring back music art and science to educate the next generation. You are right too many taxes and too little bang for the buck. Get rid of the full time politicians in Madison–half of the AT LEAST.”

  2. No, you’re the one who is clueless. Get real, wingnut.

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