Only Choice For Wisconsin

No one is surprised by the fact Feingold is losing by huge numbers. His time in DC has been spent making sure that a far left agenda has been implemented, an agenda which has caused huge job losses in this country and around our state. Higher taxes, taking more of the money you earned from your paycheck. The continued support of a president, whose vision and ideals for this country have been a major failure.

The people of Wisconsin are tired of the southeast corner of the state getting his attention while the remainder of the blue-collar working class get the shaft to support the entitlement programs Russ has supported through his time in congress. He has been bad for Wisconsin and bad for America serious change is needed and his removal from DC s one step in the right direction.

Ron Johnson is the only choice in November.  Ron Johnson is standing up for Wisconsin and the values this state truly stand for.

Some of the issues that I feel strong about and Mr. Johnson seems to have a plan for are:

  • Reducing Taxes and Cutting Government Spending
  • Improving the Economy and Creating Jobs
  • Real Reforms for Health Care
  • Cracking Down on Illegal Immigration

These are issues I want to see addressed the next session of Congress. Without people like Ron Johnson in DC, someone who is not a career politician, we are doomed to continue on the current downward spiral this country has been in for too long.


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