The Rally

There was a rally held today in DC to counter the Aug. 28 rally. The August rally had over 500,000 people attend the event which had no real organization, just a calling for all Americans who wanted to restore and honor America. Todays event was organized by over 400 groups, from unions to political action groups. They worked hard to bring mass numbers to DC to show America that they are the real voice of America. From all accounts the numbers for this well-organized rally fell far short of the previous gathering.

Many of the people involved in todays rally will always make a point to mention the angry mobs at the Tea Party events,  usually done with no documentation, but with the full support of the liberal media in this country.

Now that the One Nation Rally is over I wonder if the MSM will report the anger and hate that was on display at this rally? I doubt they will.


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  1. I find it difficult to believe that the liberal media has more influence than those that are slanted to the right. There are more shows/airtime/newsprint that would love to have one believe the left controls more media outlets.

  2. I’ve always thought these groups with the “One” in the title sound a bit sinister. “One Nation Rally” implies that if you don’t agree with their views, you can get out of the country.

    Same thing with “One Wisconsin Now”. What are they “fighting” for? Why does there have to be One anything? Whatever happened to difference of opinion? I know the WWII references were beat to death over at BloggingBlue, but wasn’t Hitler a big fan of the whole “my way or the highway (or worse)” mentality? To me, such names represent complete intolerance.

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