The Meltdown

Yesterday a new Rasmussen poll came out on the Ron Johnson Senate run. His numbers now show him leading 54% to 42%.

The left in the state had a meltdown, this was the best headline I have seen  on a far left blog yesterday.


It’s not whats the matter with Wisconsin but what is wrong with Russ.

I really don’t understand why people are surprised by the poll numbers. While Russ has been popular with his base, the real people of Wisconsin are not able to identify with his extreme liberal views. He votes lockstep with the Democratic dogma, and the people outside his world of Dane county and the southeast corner just don’t see him as a candidate that works for them……and thats the facts Jack!

Ron Johnson has come onto the scene as a newcomer. He seems to have an honest desire to make Wisconsin better. He stands  for the values that  resonate with the voters in the state. After 18 years of Russ it looks like Wisconsin is ready for a change and this time, Mr. Johnson looks like he will bring the change that was promised 2 years ago.


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  1. Cite some specific examples of the “anger and hate” that was on display at the rally…

  2. How about the part were Zach Wisniewski’s retarded child was beaten at the steps of the Jefferson Memorial…

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