Sinking Ship

There is a campaign rally tonight for Russ Feingold in Madison.

Lets see the list of who will be there and who won’t.

  • Will Be – Tom Barrett and Barack Obama
  • Won’t Be –  Russ Feingold

This is the second time in the past couple of months that Russ has given the President the cold shoulder. Too bad he did not do this when he voted for almost every tax increase Obama has had the past two years.

UPDATE: Russ amazingly was able to attend this gathering at the last minute, that is hysterical, have to wonder who finally got to him, the presidents people or Pelosi’s people.


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  1. That is a blatantly dishonest post as Senator Feingold is currently in Washington DC. Unlike some, he takes his job seriously and has only missed one vote. Would you like him to miss votes and be here to campaign?

  2. Please learn to punctuate if you want to write to the public. Oh my! You should be ashamed!

  3. Interestig attack the messenger and not the message.

  4. The message was blatantly wrong.

  5. Personally, I’d like Russ to miss the next 7 years worth of votes.

  6. Are there some racist elements within the tea party movement? Absolutely! Does that mean the whole movement should be portrayed as such? No.

    However, I’ll note that I’ve seen many a conservative (including you) use sweeping statements to describe all liberals/progressives, so two wrongs don’t make a right. Just as not all conservatives share the same beliefs and values, not all liberals share the same beliefs and values.

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