Can He Count To Three

It looks like poor Russ’s campaign could use the Count from Sesame Street to help them count how many debates there are this election season.

Last night he held a little rally for his fading campaign in Eau Claire and in a desperate act he had two podiums on the stage one for himself and one for Ron Johnson. Now why he thought Ron would pop in at his campaign stop is  a little odd, but after 18 years of odd behavior from this career politician I guess we should not be surprised.

His little dog and pony show last night was just one more twist from a campaign that has become known for their mudslinging ads then actually talking issues. Does he think was going to matter to anyone but his own bobblehead followers in Eau Claire that he did this stunt?

There was no debate last night scheduled, however there are three debates that will happen next month: Oct. 8 in Milwaukee; Oct. 11 in Wausau; and Oct. 22 in Milwaukee. Anything else Russ does is just controlled campaign stops  hopefully they will not continue the charade of setting up two podiums, it really makes them look silly.


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