Feingold Really This Desperate?

Poor Russ, he must know that with the economy in poor health and job availability is scarce, he is desperate to hang onto the only job he possible may be qualified for, a career politician. But the winds of real change is blowing through America and the possibility that he is going to join the ranks of unemployed, the only difference is he is set for life with a severance package that will go until he has moved on from this world.

So how desperate is he to stay in DC? Well he started to run a new attack ad against his opponent Ron Johnson and in it he uses slices of  a newscast footage in this ad, but seems there is a small problem, WKOW in Madison  posted a statement on their website, in part it says;

It resembles a WKOW newscast more than a political commercial, right down to the graphics and the anchorman.

“They took out all the context, balance and other side of the story,” said Perry Boxx, WKOW News Director. “He did it without any permission. It may be legal, but it’s just plain wrong.”

Not only did WKOW not give permission for the use of those clips from our copyrighted newscast, we never even knew they had been used until the political ad first hit the air on Monday.

Russ tries to come across as a simple man, but what we are seeing this election is a man who has become accustomed to the insulated lifestyle of living inside the beltway and forgetting what life is like out here in the Midwest, where we work hard for a living and respect honesty amongst our neighbors, it’s something career politicians like Russ seem to forget.

He has been asked to pull the very misleading ad, will be interesting to see if he is interested in bringing integrity to this election or just wants to sling mud.

For a man who tries to portray himself as a lonewolf in DC eating alone at lunches, well maybe there is different reason he is avoided.


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