Step Aside

Democrats seem a little amazed that Ron Johnson has decided to debate Russ Feingold three times before the election in November. It’s clear that Johnson does not fear Feingold, Russ as a professional politician has nothing to draw on that really resonates with the working class in this state. He is a career politician who follows left-wing extremism and will occasional make a silly stand on an issue to look like he actually cares about the people in the state who he is supposed to represent.Russ knows is lifestyle of sitting in DC living the life of Riley is coming to an end, he is desperate as Mr. Johnson does connect to the blue-collar people of Wisconsin, the people who work, pay taxes and are the ones who really make Wisconsin a great state. Russ only seems to connect with people in Dane County and southeast Wisconsin, not surprising.

America is changing, Democrats are on their way out,  but Republicans better start listening to the people as they too will be shown the door.Do not turn your back on what the people are saying, do not believe that we will accept the same old retread that you always give us as candidates.

The American people are reclaiming their country step aside establishment, you have no place on our journey.


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