Real Change

We all know how the left likes to believe that 2008 was the election of hope and change. Well so far we have seen little change and no hope. As the 2010 elections are approaching we do see some honest change, change that we will bring hope for the future of America.

The Democrats like to say it was President Bush that brought this economic mess to America. The Republicans are saying this is the fault of the Democratic controlled House, Senate and White House. The facts show this has been perpetrated by both the right and the left on the American people.

This election cycle we are seeing change, change in one party and that is the Republican party. Conservatives are no longer just sitting back and accepting the candidates that the party is thrusting upon us. In a number of states the establishment is being shaken up, from Kentucky to Alaska to Delaware, candidates that are looking at restoring America, bring some fiscal responsibly to DC are winning over the party candidates.

While the conservatives in the country are being heard and are shaking up the GOP, we do not see this type of movement in the Democratic party. The people who vote and support the DNC seem happy with the way this country is going deeper and deeper in debt. They seem content to just let government take over every aspect of their lives. They seem content to just continue with the same failed policies of the left and the right.

The Tea Party movement is an honest grassroots movement that is making changes in the established GOP. Where are the leaders on the left who are willing to do the same and stand up to their leadership and say enough is enough, we want our country back.


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