So Funny To Watch

It is becoming clear that the Democrats are going to suffer huge losses this November. People are just tired of the way politicians now seem to ignore voters unless it’s a an election year. This is not to say that the people Republicans are running are a major improvement but we can pray they will actually act like conservatives and bring responsibility back to government.

But what we have seen from Democrats in this state this week is hysterically funny.

Early on this week I noted that several left-wing blogs are so fearful that their candidate is going to get his clock cleaned so badly that they are now encouraging the lemmings in their party to vote for one of the Republican candidates in the primary.

But now even for Democrats they have found a new low. They are using a site called Voter Public Access that list your voting record. Well today several of the left-wing blogs have posted some exciting news, they have discovered that candidate Ron Johnson was not registered to vote before 1994!  They are foaming at the mouth with this ‘breaking’ news story.

Now we all know that they are desperate to save Feingold and Kagen but to stoop to such cheap theatrics and dishonest ones at that is just one more blemish on this once proud party.

While they are posting ‘their’ facts they seem to ignore a very important disclaimer on the website:

Voter Public Access has complete data starting in 2006.  Prior to 2006, data may be incomplete.

So they really don’t have any idea when Mr. Johnson first registered they are just slinging mud in a desperate attempt it will stick and just like most of what the Democrats  have done lately this too will be one more failure, something they have become use too since Obama moved into the White House.


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