What The Media Sees

Yesterday there was a rally and a protest held in DC. One was put on by Glenn Beck were 300,000 to 500,000 people attended, there also was a protest rally held the same day put on by Al Sharpton which had several hundred attended.

There was absolutely nothing racist or disrespectful during the entire gathering as many in the media and liberal bloggers had predicted would come out. All of the speakers at the event spoke of love, honor, faith and prayer. They prayed for service people and our nation. A very well run event and a moment America can be proud of.

Here is what is disturbing about all of this.

The liberal media. For some reason all reports of the rally for some reason need to point out that the Restore America rally was attended by mostly white people, but yet when they mention the Sharpton protest rally they do not make the same observation,  that it was attended by mostly blacks, why is that?

Why is it important for liberals and their media to make race an issue out of everything conservatives believe in?


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