Good Night America

Remember there once was a time where the elected offcials in this country listened to the people who actully voted them in and who they really work for? Well America is no longer that country.

  • 7,000,000 people vote in a referendum, 1 judge eliminates their vote.
  • 59% of America supports the Arizona immigration law, the federal government turns their back on them and takes them to court to protect illegal immigration.
  • 58% of New Yorkers disagrees with a Mosque at Ground Zero but yet the building gets approval
  • 57% of America disagrees with socialized Medicine, Obama Care gets passed

This is no longer a country where the voice of the people are listened to by the government. We are now a country where the government wants to control your life and makes your decisions as to how you will live.

America is gone, a socialized control nanny state has begun.


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