Obama In Court

Obamas administration has been one misstep after another, the day in and day out failures of this administration has been astounding and again he continues on the path as a one term president.

Over 70% of America supports the efforts of Arizona to protect its people from the invasion of illegal criminals who attempt to cross the border daily, a job the federal government should be doing but are too incompetent to do and lets be honest they really do not care to enforce the laws of this country. This administration has not been working in the best interest of the American people since day one.

Now they have decided to waste more taxpayer dollars attacking the people of Arizona just so they can pander to those in this country who support illegal immigration, which is a very small group of highly irrational thinkers whose disrespect for America and her laws are well documented.

The only comfort in all this is that this administration really has shown it is incompetent so their chances of success in the courts here are really in favor of the American people and the Arizona Law will stay in tact and probably stronger than ever


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