You Keep It

Remember when Obama said, if you like your insurance you will be able to keep your insurance. And remember when many others said that once Obama Care kicks in companies will be dropping insurance coverage and we are all going to get the crappy Obama care, well except for Obama and congress, who will still have their Cadillac insurance plans paid by us.

Well it looks like Obama is now getting the message that we won’t be keeping our insurance, otherwise why would they be considering this.

The White House on Monday outlined broad new rules designed to prevent employers from dropping health insurance benefits for their workers or shifting huge new costs onto them.

The regulations empower the administration to revoke the so-called grandfather status of businesses that shift “significant” new burdens onto employees — a considerable penalty that would subject those plans to all the consumer protections in the Democrats’ new healthcare reform law.

So just like everything he has done he rushed through a bill with no real thought into it and now the American people are going to pay for his lack of experience and the fact he was never prepared for the job as president.

But hey I bet he will look good tonight reading from the teleprompter.


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