Why Do Liberals Dislike

There is a far left blog out of Madison WI that thrives on paranoia and typical leftwing hate for anyone or idea that does not follow the liberal agenda.

A recent rant from him was regarding the tea party and some of the ideas it has to bring America back from the destruction we have experienced in recent years.I guess he is upset by some of the ideas of the Tea Party

  • Demand a balanced federal budget
  • Simplify the tax system
  • Limit annual growth in federal spending
  • Identify constitutionality of every new law
  • Elimination of the Department of Education
  • Freedom of Religion does not mean freedom from religion

He feels that with ideas like this middle of the road Republican voters will never be involved.

The last thing conservatives need or want are middle of the road republican liberals. We need to reclaim this country from the train wreck called liberalism, the majority of the country is begging for it. If we want to save America we MUST stand up now and begin the fight. Obama and his far left handlers are slowly marching us to a Hugo Chavez America.


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