It’s About The Oil

Well the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has given the No DRILL crowd a new life. They are yelling and screaming for alternative energy, demanding an end to oil dependency once again. The problem is we don’t have adequate alternate energy sources already in place because they don’t exist.

Not even “on paper”.

Toys run on alternate energy, but economies run on oil and there is no alternative, or combination thereof, that can replace even 25% of the oil we need every day to run our economy.

So what’s the answer? Shrink the economy? That’s what Bush did and none of us seemed to like that. Build more Nukes? I’m all for it, but you know that the green energy people won’t agree. Poor sunz-a-bitches, it’s hard to think clearly when your brain isn’t getting adequate oxygen. And it’s hard to get adequate oxygen when you can’t breathe deeply. And you can’t breathe deeply with your head stuck up you’re a**!

So all you need to do is find another fuel that 7 pounds of will move 80,000 pounds of truck and cargo, 6 miles down the road in 6 minutes?

1 barrel of light crude = 42 gallons = 5.8 million BTU = 11.15(+/-) Years of Human Work Output. There is no green alternative that even comes close. Even Iceland can’t run their economy on hydrogen and they produce it for damn near nothing. Nuclear fusion might still hold possibilities, but after 90 years of research, we aren’t there yet.

So while the greenies keep yelling alternative energy America must continue to expand drilling, offshore, Alaska, Colorado even North Dakota.

This country depends on coal and oil and it is not going to change because of one accident in the Gulf.


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  1. The environmental movement in America is not about the environment, it is about reducing American power. Every alternative we provide they shoot down.
    Windmills=hurt birds
    Hydro electric=hurts fish
    Nuke=hysterical irrational fear

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