Need Help Don’t Ask Obama

Don’t you love it Obama keeps saving all of his rich friends, AIG, Goldman Sachs, GM, and on and on but when it comes to you and me all he has for us is the middle finger. Take for example taxpayers in Connecticut, he is telling them to suck it up, you people just don’t have the same donation power to his campaign and he does not have time for little people.

President Barack Obama has denied aid to individuals affected by March’s massive storms and Gov. M. Jodi Rell said she plans to file a formal appeal. Rell was looking for help for homeowners, renters and employers.

“The storms that battered our state last month left a trail of astonishing devastation in their wake – crushed cars, homes struck by trees, week-long power outages and staggering flooding,” Rell said. “People and businesses all across Connecticut were left with millions of dollars in damage. They need help. A survey was conducted that identified 1,315 homes in the five counties with damages totaling $5,262,100 in estimated housing assistance needs and “other needs assistance.”

Bet if this was the 9th ward in New Orleans he would be tossing all kinds of aid.


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