A Good Law

The federal government has for a long time refused to do its job and protect our southern border from the invasion of illegal immigrants coming into this country. So in a desperate move to protect the people of Arizona the state has done what DC is refusing to do, protect America.

Those who support this invasion use the flimsy excuse that if stopped people would be required to show papers to prove they are in this country legally.

Have any of you supporters of illegal immigrants ever been pulled over by a cop? Have you not been asked to provide your license, registration and insurance papers? Why should illegals, those who are in this country ILLEGALLY,  be giving a free ride? What makes them so special that they also do not need to provide the same proof all Americans now are required to provide.

America is not against immigration, it is how this country was built, but we have a right to know who is coming into this country, why are liberals so blind to this?

Once again if the politicians in DC were not all cowards and actually do what is in the best interest of America and it’s people states would not have to put themselves into the position Arizona now finds itself.


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