We Can But You Do it …..RACIST!

It really is amazing the double standards that liberals live their lives by. Millions of Americans and standing up to the bad policies and bills that the current administration is bringing to America.

Because these people are willing to stand up and express their displeasure many on the left have decided that they are racist and bigots. They don’t hear the message that all of these Americans are expressing no they look for anything that they can use to try and minimalize the movement and the message.

Take for example this post that was posted at Caffeinated Politics Forum

I found it interesting on the news yesterday where a man was holding up a sign which pictured President Obama and Adolph Hitler as one and the same.

Then he brought up this horrible image comparison.

Another sign nearby pictured President Obama as a monkey.

Then I made mention how so many people are insulted by the term the liberals are using to describe these Americans, teabaggers. This was the response.

What is insulting about a word that isn’t even in the dictionary? I wish someone would explain to me what is insulting with that word.

So I helped him to understand why people are isulted. Teabagger (from Urban Dictionary.com)1. n. A man that dips his scrotum and testicles into the mouth of another person. (as if dipping a tea bag into hot water)

It is amazing how liberals look at the world, when they for years took cheap shots at George Bush, they laughed, they giggled, they saw it as a free speech issue and a way to protest a president they disagree with.

But now that they have their president in office they all of the sudden they have a conscious and morality. The problem is they are not believable in the rage and they are not believable that they all of the sudden care about decency.


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