A Left Turn At Albuquerque

MSNBC was once a pretty good NEWS network. Paraphrasing  Bugs Bunny, “I knew I shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque.” , which is exactly one MSNBC did one one day. That left turn they took was to become the news center for the Democratic party, sadly a once very good network continues to sink faster then the Titanic did. Just look at the numbers to their bread and butter shows from the first quarter of 2009 (12/29/08-03/29/09) to the first quarter of 2010 (12/28/09 – 3/28/10)

  • Hardball with Chris Matthews – down -46% (96,000 v 178,000)
  • Ed Show – down -28% (116,000 vs 162,000)
  • Countdown With Keith Olbermann down -43% (263,000 v 460,000)
  • The Rachel Maddow Show down -38% (241,000 v 389,000)

Just like America is turning away from the Democratic agenda they are leaving the liberal media in the same pile of dust.


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