There is a far left extremist blogger in Madison WI who worships Obama almost in the Chris Matthews vein, a little scary and a little nauseating. For him Obama can do no wrong and everything he does his post are like a gigantic bobblehead doll.

But I really had to laugh at loud at his attempt to find something positive from the presidents first year in office, as he struggled to tried to find something positive he finally cam out with this gem.

I find myself grateful for the little things, such as his sentences have a subject, verb and sometimes an object! I no longer need to wince when listening to the President.

After 365 days in office the best he can find for accomplishments from this man is his ability to read from a teleprompter. If someone who worships Obama as much as he does is unable to find any positive from this mans first year, I believe it is now time for them to admit that the majority of America was correct that Barrack Obama was ill prepared for the job and not the right choce for America.


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