They Just Don’t Care

We’ll the Democrats have shown that they really do not care what the American people have to say. With 60% of Americans against the current health care plan they continue to turn their backs on the people and march to socialized medicine in this country.

What is really disturbing is how this has come across. Obama in desperation bought his needed votes. $300,000,000 to buy they Louisiana vote, millions more to have the Nebraska senators vote, and even more for Florida. Hell all of the other senators really need to learn this extortion process for their states.

The other part of this new bill is just a joke, cuts in Medicare and other funding would start as soon as the bill is passed but the benefits won’t begin until years down the road and all of us will start paying more in taxes to cover all of it.

The president will be happy that he has been able to accomplish something finally his first year after failing at everything else, but what his party is forgetting the American people will not be so forgiving in 2010 and 2012 Democrats have failed America and the voters are going to be sure they do not keep that power to destroy this country further.


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