It Is Amazing

The past few weeks have been amazing. No not watching the country crumbling because a president has no idea how to deal with the recession. Not because we had a terrorism attack and the president ignored it while giving shutouts, not even because the country was embarrassed when once again the president bowed to a figurehead of another country.

What has been amazing has been the media and the left in this country coordinated attack on one person who holds no office, has no influence on policy and is a private citizen who wrote a book.

The attacks on Sarah Palin is an embarrassment to this country, it is showing the world how petty and spiteful one group of people can be against someone they fear and fear for no other reason than they disagree with her ideology.

It is amazing how much energy the left is spending trying to discredit this women. There is one far left blog written by someone who goes by the phony name deke rivers, a far left typical basement blogger. He will post several time a week any “news” he finds on Sarah, and it does not matter if what he writes is factual or not, as he knows that the majority of people who read his blog are either to lazy to verify what he writes or like him don’t care about facts.

Looks Like The Joker with all the makeup

Like so many on the left that blogger hangs onto everyword that glamor boy Levi Johnson says about the Palin family, using every word as gospel. It is sad that the left is so desperate to try and ruin a private citizen that they will use a young man with low intelligence and no media skills as their pawn. But I guess that is no real surprise when you look at what they did to another person Cindy Sheehan, the left has no problem destroying others to obtain their goals and agenda.

So what drives their hate for one women, the fact she is intelligent? The fact that she has strong moral convictions and puts family and God as important parts of her life? The fact that she does not kiss the ass of the liberal media and says what is on her mind?

Its probably all of that and much more, they feel threatened, the see how their choice for president has completely failed in one year as president, They see how America in less than 11 months have given him one of the lowest approval ratings of a new president ever. They know that in 2010 they are in danger of once again losing the House and the Senate, all all they have, all they can do is go after a private citizen, attempt to make her the enemy, attempt to make her some way responsible for all of their failures.

They are worried about 2010 and 2012 and for some reason Sarah Palin is their biggest threat. Simple Amazing!


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  1. Notalib: Noticed Deke’s little obsession with Sarah Palin as well? I thought I was the only one on the planet that noticed it.

  2. Actually Todd Johnston kind of looks like a metrosexual Donny Osmond.

    ..and I am not saying Donny Osmond is a metrosexual.

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