Silence The Media

This is getting hysterical. The Obama Administration continues it march to CHANGE America. For nine months now we have watch an administration stumble and bumble along trying to get some kind of direction as to what it means to be President of the greatest country on the planet.

But with the incompetence that they are showing more and more Americans are seeing how poorly prepared this man was for the job he was elected to.

They have the old media, network news, newspapers in their back pocket now for months. They are willing to put any positive spin on the administration that they are asked to. People wonder why dictators like Castro and Chavez applaud every breath this man makes, well for obvious reasons.Their current move to shut down any media that does not step in line with this administration is both shocking and disturbing. Watching this administration attack FOX news, conservative talk radio is just shameful. Say what you will about President Bush, but he never acted so childish as the current president is. He did not run away from NBC, he did not hide from MSNBC, he was no afraid of ABC or CBS, he even tolerated the silliness of CNN.

But what this administration is doing is clear and obvious, they are out to marginalized and eventually silence those who dare to not shed the administration into the GOD LIGHT they get from the controlled media.

Shutting down the media that is not friendly to the administration is something you find in third world countries run by little dictators, is this the type of change that America was expecting from this man?


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