Friday Fish Fry

Let’s drop a few items into the boiling oil shall we.

Whacky Left

That was the actual heading on a far left blog. It also speaks volumes as to how disturbed the liberal left is in America. While the worry themselves sick about the possibility of a few trees being cutdown in Madison WI. they sit back and allow abortion mills like Planned Parenthood to continue destroying human life without even giving it a second thought.

It’s really hard to understand how these people don’t seem to have a concept of murder, murdering a unborn child no problem, cutting down a tree they cry rivers of tears.

Well poor President Obama, he is desperate to try to bring something positive to his administration, so desperate he thought he had a ringer with the 2016 Olympics. He flew over to Denmark to use his charm and skills to make sure that Chicago was the host city.

Opps, Chicago was eliminated on the first round. Well at least now maybe he will finally focus on real agendas that are actually important to all AMERICANS not just his cronies t from Chicago. Time to be a President Mr. Obama.


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