Rock and Hard Place

Once again President Obama is caught in a situation of being between a rock and a hard place. The military leaders in Afghanistan are saying they need more troops in order to succeed. But the President needs to appease the people who elected him, the anti war people who populate his party. But his first priority is to the men and women of the armed service.

He really has only two choices, give the generals the troops they say they need or bring our men and women home and stop the slaughter of these brave people. Stop playing games with their lives, stop appeasing the special interest people you are indebted to. You are the President you need to make decisions.

Liberals like to call themselves progressives the current administration and the people who worship it are far from progressives. When Mr. Bush was in office they complained that he was fighting the wrong war, he should not be in Iraq but Afghanistan going after Bin Laden, it was a reoccurring theme from all the liberals. But yet, now that he is in charge the liberals are telling him he needs to get out of Afghanistan, that it is no longer important and as has been the case since he has become president, Mr. Obama has no idea what he should do. How can you for years say we need to get Bin Laden, and now that you are in charge waiver on what swe should do?

Make a decision Mr. President, support the troops, give them what they need or just bring them home now.


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