Once again the progressive blogs are all wired up thanks to Congressman Joe Wilson. Last night as the president again tried to explain why he has a need to destroy the health care in this nation, Mr. Wilson’s expressed the frustration most of America feels with the current administration. Its is clear that the American people DO NOT want a government option in any health care bill, but yet this administration is ignoring those wishes and are trying to shove this down out throats.

Mr. Wilson at one point yelled out you lie. It’s understandable the reaction that he had, the frustration of dealing with people who refuse to hear what others have to say. Was it the proper place to do it, probably not, but he did do the right thing and called the the President and apologized.

President Obama at one point said, “We will call you out.” Mr. President the people of the United States have been calling you out on a horrible idea, sadly you don’t listen to the people. The frustration will only continue to build if he keeps up this attitude, listen to the people Mr. president don’t be a puppet for the extreme far left progressives of your party, they are not in the best interest of America.


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