Looks Like Someone Was Right

And that someone is Glenn Beck. For the last couple of weeks he has been focusing on the czars that President Obama has been appointing. In the last week or so his primary czar was Van Jones. The majority of the Obama media either ignored the story or painted Glenn beck as a radical kook. OPPS, look who resigned last night, VAN JONES!

Simple question for all of you Beck haters out there, if Glenn Beck was wrong why did this man resign? How many more will follow?

Now that this has happened just watch the left go after Beck, it’s going to get real ugly. The difference Van Jones was removed by facts, you know the Beck haters never worry about facts.


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  1. Glenn Beck may be sappy, melodramatic, a recovering alcoholic, etc. But, none of these things made him wrong about Van Jones. I couldn’t find one liberal blogger who could refute any of Beck’s claims.

    Funny thing is I think Obama’s czars are like a house of cards. One down, plenty more to go.

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