The Pope and Ted

Many liberal blogs are having a meltdown because Pope Benedict has not acknowledge the passing of a man who was an adulteress, a murder and supported the killing of innocent babies. The Pope gracefully accepted a letter from President Obama from Mr Kennedy, but for him to take time to recognize a man whose life was spent going against the Church would be a mistake. If the letter asked for forgiveness for his allowing a young lady to drown or for his support of abortion, it would be one thing, but this man had little conscience and did not feel remorse for what he did to so many innocent lives.

People will always try and destroy the Catholic Church, they will never succeed, the Church has the strength of God and the truth on it’s side, something that will always win over evil.

The final decision on Mr Kennedy’s final journey is now in the hands of God, let us pray that all of the babies he has allowed to be murdered and Mary Jo Kopechne


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