I Am Looking For An Answer

For some reason liberals have a bug up their butt about Club Gitmo. Ever since the prison at U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay they have whined and cried about the terrorist who have been kept there. As usual they are more concerned about the enemies of this country then they are for this country.

So now that they have a puppet in the White House they are pushing to have that prison closed and move the terrorist to the mainland. One of the target states is Michigan where they are planning on remodeling a prison for $100,000,000 so they can house 80 inmates there. The people who supply Obama with the paper to print the money for all of his free wheeling spending he has done in 8 months are thrilled to have someone like him who has no understanding of budgets.

What I really need to know is simple, I hope someone will be able to explain it to me, what is the difference if the prisoners are in a prison in Cuba or Michigan?


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