Dems Continue The March To Destroy America

The majority of America is against the public option as part of national health-care reform, but does this matter to the renegades of the Democrat party, no it does not. They have clearly said they do not care what the people have to say about this travesty, they are going to do as they please. A recent poll shows 60% disapprove of the plan.

Now this dimbulbs have the majority in the House and the Senate and yet they still can’t get it through, why, because its a horrible plan even many of their own members, the Democrats with brains, know its a bad idea.

So what are the radical left of the party going to do, they are going to appease the people of nutroots, the mental giants known as Kos Kiddes, and all the other deadbeats of the Democrat party and use reconciliation. Why will they use reconciliation, very simple, the bills cannot be filibustered,  and only require a simple majority vote.

Now of course this is all very legal, they ca do this but they forget why they are in Washington, to represent the people of their districts, they are not there for their to pander to special interest groups only.

What they hell are these people doing to America, how can they have such a hate for this country that the don’t listen to the people and don’t care the damage they are doing.

All we have is the hope of 2010 and 2012 when they will all be out of power once again.


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