Where Does The Hate Come From

I made a comment on another blog today to how President Obama is dividing this country. It was no surprise that the responses were filled with venom and hate. It really is how the Democratic party is defined these days.

Here was my original post on the blog.

Actually sir in 8 months President Obama has divided this country almost as bad as it was in 1863, I agree that we need to bring and end to disinformation and hate mongering and the president must be the first to start.

Then the replies started.

MadCity Chick said…

Hate to burst your bubble notalib but Obama hasn’t divided this country. Nor has he started the hate mongering, but folks like you have. Have you seen the President on television calling anyone who disagrees with him a fascist? Or a terrorist sympathizer? Or a foreigner? Or a Nazi? Or a Communist? You haven’t have you?  You see you and the ilk like you don’t think we see through your kind, but we do. We know it’s very, very frightening to see a man of mixed race in your White House, we get it. Must be so very scary for you. You must be worried sick that you’re world will no longer be that of White Superiority. We get it. We understand you must be so frightened thinking if that colored man can do it just think how many other brown folks might accomplish something to. We get it. We know it’s hard to see a man of color on TV everyday that reminds you just how smart he is and how smart you aren’t. We get it. We know it’s hard for you to support the colored man even though he’s working day in and day out to make your life a better one, your country one that takes better care of it’s citizens. He’ll keep working hard for you no matter how much hate you direct his way and so will we. Now back to your hateful little blogs and websites where you’ll feel safe with all the racist and bigotted diatribes. You’ll feel much better if you just stay over there in your little white world where the White Man is still king.

You know chick I have not seen the president say any of that but I have seen a number of so called leaders of his party doing that very thing and the president does nothing to put an end to it. He is suppose to represent the people of the Untied States not just those who vote for him.

debinOH said…

notalib, Your comment is ridiculous. The people who are trying to take down our country are Rush, O’Reilly, Beck, Hannity, Dobson & his ilk, Coulter, etc.  They are stirring up the pot of ignorance, hatred and bigotry. Normally, I ignore your posts but after spending an hour contacting Glenn Becks sponsors (& those not sponsoring him anymore) your comment just ticks me off.  There is nothing president Barack Obama could do or say to unite our country. You are all po’d that a republican didn’t win. You all got your way for years so now it is our turn to try and rectify what the republicans have destroyed.  I am so sick of you Bible believing Christians distorting Christ’s name for your cause. One of the reasons I am an atheist is because if there was a God he would have come down and smacked you all on the head for representing him in such a fashion. Off my soapbox now

It’s a good thing you got off your soapbox as soon as you did, the longer you ranted the odder your message became. That last line of yours made about as much sense as ……well it made no sense.

Reesie in VA

Notalib – The only reason you think that President Obama has divided this country is because he is the first African American President. His election is driving the racist like you absolutely crazy and I am enjoying every moment of it.

Isn’t always amazing how just because people don’t agree with the President all of sudden you are a racist. It has nothing to do with his policies or his personal believes, nope it’s all because of his skin color. And  yet they say we are hung up with racism.

Lisabeth said…

Notalib are you joking!! Palin and her uninformed lemmings like you are dividing and ruining our country! Please please seccede and form your own country! You do not represent the USA I love. There are people (right wing nutjobs) coming to a townhall today with assault rivals. NEVER in years and years has a president been threatened like this! I have tears in my eyes watching this hatred on the news!! One thing they are pointing out that this is a small group of people but it makes the conservatives look insane and out of their minds. But these few get the news coverage! For you to accuse our President of dividing the country is incorrect factually! It shocks be that anyone could be so blind and so uninformed (frankly it is stupid).

And why do you think the few you mentioned are the ones you are seeing, could it be that that Obama media is focusing on just those to try and discredit the millions who are protesting a administration that is making one mistake after another?

There were a number of other messages to me but they were all just the repetitive racist, bigot typical democrat talking points. Is it just me or do liberals seem a bit sensitive these days? DO you think they are starting to see what we knew form the start that this man was not qualified to be president?


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