Jerry Bader and Ambush Radio

Green Bay has a  little AM radio station that is a talking points republican oasis. The local morning show is a poor man’s version of Rush Limbaugh,  however, without the talent that God has loaned Rush.

There has been a story lately in the news about a women in Kewaunee, who does have close ties to the Republican Party, and she made statement at a recent townhall meeting, opening with the line,”I have no party affiliation”.  While she currently is not involved in the Republican Party, she most definitely is a Republican according to her own webpage,  no matter how you want to slice her statement she made that day.

But the real heart of this story is what happened today on his show. Jerry had the reporter who did the story on, it was clear from the start that Bader had him there for one reason and one reason only, to try and intimidate the guy.  He started with asking him if he talked to anyone at the meeting, if he had said anything to anyone at the meeting about the women, the reporter said no he did not. Jerry then asked the reporter if he knew  so and so, the reporter said yes.

What made that so clear that this was all a setup was when he said lets take a phone call, the reporter said that he was told no calls would be taken, Bader said, “I said we would take them only if we have time.”  What was so amazing is that the ONE  phone call he took was from this person who was accusing the reporter of lying.

Now the reporter said he never said the things this guy was accusing him of, but luckily Jerry just happened to take a phone call from the one person making the accusation which just luckily allowed him to ask the caller “is he lying?” The caller said yes and Jerry got hysterical and started to rant, accusing the reporter of lying on the air. He actually accused him a number of times of this. So Bader being the good Republican accepted the word of a fellow Republican over the evil liberal media reporter and his word. This is sort of like Obamas “I was not there” moment, say something even though you don’t know the facts.  But to accuse the reporter to being a liar, while ignoring the fact that he misled the reporter about taking calls, planting this person on hold to ambush the reporter, do we really need to point out whose creditability here is now in question.

Last week when the WGBA reporter asked Bader to comment on what was going on, Jerry just curled up and he hid under his desk, but when Bader asked the reporter to come on his show and do a live interview the reporter said sure, however I don’t think it was what the reporter was expecting.  Bader clearly set him up in hopes of embarrassing him and humiliating him, trying to show the reporter had an agenda when he did his story.

Lowbrow radio is something Green Bay listeners have come to expect since the GM at the station fired a popular host a  few years ago and replaced him with…..oh that’s right himself.

I give the reporter a lot of credit for trying to hold a reasonable conversation with Bader, but as many people have learned over the years it’s not a show that can be trusted and why he has so few people ever willing to come on and talk to him. It was a sad display by this man today and WTAQ should be ashame  the way he acted.

Maybe a little more honesty next time with the guest would help give the poormans Rush Limbaugh a little credibility back.


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