Ok enough! You birthers out there are just making asses of yourself, of Republicans and of conservatives. This issue is just such a tremendous waste of time. Focusing on this is taking away from the issue we need to focus on, his horrible health care plan, his taking away of our freedoms, his nationalizing of business.

But you brithers are giving the Obama administration exactly what they need, a distraction from his failed administration. The Obama media now has something to focus on besides the large turnouts in protest of his health-care. It allows them to make the conservative movement, that is growing in this country to look like a bunch of unbalanced kooks.

Please think about this, the Obama administration is never going to release his birth certificate, why would they, but withholding it they keep the silliness you have created alive and allows that to stay a focus, a focus that is not needed, not wanted and in simple terms you birthers can understand, stupid and wasteful.

You are all making asses out of yourself, wakeup.


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