I Am An American

It is sad to see how quickly the Obama administration has brought discord and division to this country. In 8 short months we have gone from a man who promised change to a man who is now telling American people that if they do not agree with him get out of his way because he is going to do as he wants no matter what the voice of America may be saying.

He has encouraged the thugs of Acorn to go out an intimidate Americas, he tells union thugs to get in the face of people who oppose him. We have people like Nancy Pelosi calling Americans, Nazis, Harry Reid accusing Americans of being a fringe element because they dare question the poor leadership of the current administration. That is offensive and disgusting that people who are suppose to be leaders of the party are so disrespectful to Americans.

It is one thing for leaders of a political party to show arrogance and disrespect the American people but for a sitting president to purposely attack 50% of the American people he is suppose to represent is shocking! How disrespectful to the office he was elected to,  how disrespectful to the American people who have the right to voice discontent with a failing administration and how disrespectful he is to the very Constitution that protects peoples rights to voice their opinions.

The Democratic Party needs to wake up, they have not been giving a free pass to run roughshod across America and trampling the freedoms we have. They need to listen to America, to the people, they need to know they are not emperors and kings, they are OUR servants hired by US to do our will.

President Obama stop disrespecting America and tell your people that they need to show ALL Americans respect. I disapprove of your health care plan, that does not make me disloyal, a Nazi or a brown-shirt, I am American and I expect you and the rest of your party to RESPECT me.

President Obama has divided this country more in eight months than George Bush did in eight years.


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