Health Care

The Obama Health care plan is failing big time, so now the Obama Media and the other dregs in congress like Pelosi, Reid and others are bitching that this is a planned effort by Americans to foil Obamas legacy. Don’t you find it odd, the left has no problem with them telling ACORN to go out and support his health care plan. They had no problem when Obama said

I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face,

but now they have a problem when HUNDREDS of AMERICANS are showing up to express THEIR displeasure with a horrible idea.

Democrats do you people have NO SHAME for your hypocritical attitude?


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  1. Wow – 5 pages worth of blogs and not one person has ever made a comment. It must suck to be so pitiful that no one cares enough about your opinion to comment.

    Way to be influential – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. Was not aware I was trying to be influential. See the difference between me and a lib like you is I don’t have to feel self important in order to feel good about myself, thats a liberal trademark only.

  3. Self importance is the only thing the conservatives have left.

    You’re a dying breed in this country – no one cares what the conservatives have to say, other than other conservatives (again, I point out the embarrassing lack of traffic here…).

    We’re sick of the hatred and divisiveness you put forth.

    We trounced on your pathetic ideology when We, The American People, voted for a true American: President Obama.

    We will no go backwards. The truth is being revealed about the conservative movement, thanks to those AK bloggers.

  4. And I just read your blog – you note in your Obama quote that he asked his supporters to “talk to your neighbors”. He encouraged political discourse between people.

    The only agenda the conservatives have to is try and shut down Town Hall Meetings and not allow the citizens of the United States to engage in political discourse with their elected representatives.

    That’s very Un-American behavior on the part of the conservatives.

    See, it’s becoming painfully obvious that your side has nothing positive to put forth. All you have left is yelling and screaming.

    The truth is being revealed, dear.

  5. You seem a little obsessive about the amount of traffic I get, why is that? Again maybe your ego requires a lot of attention, but I actually am not that insecure in my live. If people read my blog fine, if no one stops by I don’t curl up in a corner and ask for therapy. You liberals are the most insecure people I have ever known.

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