Teachable Moment

The White House keeps calling tonights publicity stunt a “teachable moment”. What in the hell is a “teachable moment”? Who is going to learn from it? Will the President learn not to interject a ignorant comments into situations he knows nothing about? Will it teach a college professor that using the race card will not be given a free pass any longer in America? Will it teach a media that they cannot invade private peopels lives just so they can become part of the story?

Somehow I don’t think that is what the White House means by teachable. What the president and others want America to come away with this stunt he has arranged tonight is that racism is alive in America, that we need to examine who we are, but let’s be clear they are not talking about all America, they are talking to a certain segment of America, the only segemnt that people like Barak Obama and the professor believe are racist.

It is sad that the President of the United States, the man who is suppose to represent ALL of the people of the country, his recent actions has brought a bigger divide to the country and he really needs to think about what he has done, he ran on a campaign of change, was his change to bring racial division?


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